Gov. Signs Changes to Hawaii’s Already Strict Gun Laws

Two additional gun laws have been added to the state of Hawaii which already has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

Governor David Ig has signed Senate Bill 600 and Senate Bill 1466 which passed through appropriate government channels without incident despite opposition from the NRA-ILA, and the Hawaii Firearms Coalition.

SB 600 prohibits individuals who are under the age of 21 from bringing firearms into the state of Hawaii which occurs often for the purposes of target shooting and hunting.

Detractors of SB 600 argue that the bill would exclude military members from exercising their 2nd amendment rights when stationed on military installations in the state.

Todd Yukutake with the Hawaii Firearms Coalition says the law isn’t fair to service members:

“A person under the age of 21 can join the military and die for their country, drive a car which can be far more dangerous than a firearm and is not a constitutional right, and be an adult making life decisions. However, those supporting this bill do not believe these good people deserve the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.”

SB 1466 joins Hawaii to the the list of states with “red flag laws” which have become increasingly popular among anti-gun activist groups like the Brady Campaign, Everytown, and Giffords, who advocated for these bills to be passed.

Within the borders of Hawaii, SB 1466 would make it easier for firearms to be seized by law enforcement. Allowing educators, co-workers, family members and medical professionals the ability to request the court suspend an individual’s right to the 2nd amendment for up to a year.

After submitting the request, a hearing is held which does not require the subject to be present to testify on their own behalf.

Those against the bill argue these “Gun Violence Protective Orders” are unconstitutional, discriminatory against gun owners, and removes due process by placing the burden of proof of their innocence on the subject named in the order.

The subject is allowed to request a hearing to have his rights returned to him but is denied lawful possession of a firearm until able to prove mental competency.

Meanwhile, the individual(s) who requested the order may reapply to have the subject’s gun rights suspended for an additional year.

Additionally, detractors of the bill say it is a direct violation of constitutional rights by taking legal action against a citizen based solely on allegations instead of evidence.

“SB 1466 would allow for certain protective orders to remove your Second Amendment rights – not because of a criminal conviction or mental adjudication, but based on third-party allegations and evidentiary standards below those normally required for removing constitutional rights,” said Daniel Reid, the NRA’s Hawaii lobbyist.

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  1. NavyPO2 on July 14, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    The gun grabbing Nazi’s are at it again. This time in Hawaii!

  2. Robert Kane on July 14, 2019 at 5:43 pm

    These “Red Flag” laws are just one more step into the Socialist pool that the Socialist Democrat Leftists are pushing our country into, while the “Silent Majority” of the centrists of the middle class democrats, republicans and independents sit quietly by and allow this travesty to happen. As in many things, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”, and currently the squeakiest wheels are the Fascist Leftists and the violent minorities, both of whom have been getting more and more headway than those of reason and sense. This must change if our country is to survive as a free nation and the Republic as it was founded.

    • Steven on July 23, 2019 at 5:54 am

      I agree with you and if they are going to implement red flag laws it should only be for law enforcement and family members that can request them not just anyone and they need to have proof that your a danger and if they lie they need to be prosecuted for lying with that said I do not believe in them anyway

  3. Bruce Nakamura on July 14, 2019 at 11:20 pm

    Please contact me for as how we can sue governor Ige, the legislators, hpd, medical doctors and all in this total fraud.

    And also to change concealed carry laws to shall as now the U.S. House has passed cc in all 50 states with own state permit. Certain to pass in Senate and signed into law by Trump.

    Legalize full capacity magazines and suppressors.

    Self defense laws need corrections in once a criminal has acted, violated the law, committed a threat, violation, and or crime but the threat is no longer in action, walking or running away, we should be able to shoot them in the back as the police most of the time may never find them, arrest them, and even if they do, they always charge we lessor crimes, and the least amount, and the courts let them go, or let out from prison in 1/4 the sentence, only to do more crime. That is why they are out in public with 5, 10, 20, 30 or more arrests and convictions, and most carry illegal guns, or have big knives, some have machetes, bats, hammers, swords, stun guns and tasers.

    We need more firepower and protection.

    The violent crimes are increasing and getting worst! The cops, courts, do nothing, the parole board are corrupted. The judiciary process and law enforcement is a joke and has failed.

    The laws are weak, protects and promotes criminals and crime.

    The legislators and all governors are crooked communist!

    And God is not gonna save you!

    Like Bruce Willis Death Wish… “A man has to do it for himself”, and ” What did faith do for them?”

    There is no such thing as a law abiding criminal! Gun Control has never worked! And since Senator Joe Biden introduced the Gun Free Zone Act and had passed, shootings and mast shootings in gun free zones (mostly schools), shootings and mast shootings increased by 92%!

    In Hawaii in the last 5 years murder increased by 21% and rape by 12%!

    Not getting better but far worst and will continue to get even more worst with violent crimes and attacks!

    Check the news and you will see what I mean.

    Bruce K. Nakamura

    808-388-7479 text also

    Email: [email protected]

  4. Owen, Retied USAF on July 18, 2020 at 11:47 pm

    Gun free state is in the future Unless Hawaii Turns Republican…. Democrats are scared of people with guns and yet they can have their own Arsenal of weapons and or security Team that we Pay for to protect their Families… You can only change things at the Ballot Box as a TAX PAYER…
    ANTI gun Politicians Mostly Democrats Fail to understand that LAW ABIDING CITIZENS Always Abide by the LAW. Non American Citizens Probably don’t always follow gun Laws cause their from another Country. And Criminal gangs and Extortion Groups always have as such ways to bring Illegal Weapon Parts in as well as importing and Exporting Child Trafficking. Hawaii is the Back door for criminals.
    Hawaii is a Paradise because of the scenery, weather and the Law Abiding Citizens and other Ethnic People that also abide by the Laws. The Only Way You Can not stop a Bad Guy(S) with a gun is a Good Guy(S) with a gun. TRAINING and Certifying the Willing LAW ABIDING CITIZENS with Gun Courses and working with Police to protect Others is the key. Rounds and Magazines Must be Separated from Fire Arm at all times to prevent unwanted Weapon Discharge. Unless situation occurs, Assessment must be ascertained of situation. Only fire when fired upon to provide cover for Population. When Police Arrive, Place weapon on ground provide police with Info. Area Cameras and Citizens Body Cam Vedios Should support statements.

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